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Make your case with our 
The right visuals win trials.

Persuade with graphics, Present with technology.
Get the edge with Persuasive Presentations.

Don't wait for trial, we create Visuals that settle cases!

Trial Graphics

Your trial graphics can range from simple still images and videos to charts, graphs, Animations or Even your Opening/Closing PowerPoint. No matter what type of graphics you show in the courtroom, We Strategize with your trial team to produce evidence that is not only graphically appealing but also organized and easy to understand.

In-trial Support

Let our experience work for you. Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology handles dozens of trials each year. Whatever the hurdle, chances are we've seen it or something like it before. We can offer a solution that may save you stress and valuable hours. Our staff will seamlessly integrate with your team and are very familiar with being the workhorse. From document preparation to in-trial presentation, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology does it all!

Trial Preparation

If you're preparing for trial or in the midst of drafting your complaint, our powerful Persuasive Presentations are both compelling and highlight your best evidence, making them digestible and memorable. Presenting ideas that allow you to take control of the cases' direction. 


Persuasive Presentations
Trial Technology

Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology is a California-based litigation support firm that provides litigators with a single resource to quickly assemble documents, exhibits, transcripts, questions, visuals, video, and an accomplished courtroom trial technician that will be available to manage and categorize evidence throughout litigation and create the clear, polished presentations necessary to build a compelling case.

From the firm’s offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London, Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology serves a diverse client base. Our Consultants are widely recognized as among the best in their fields, and many have held prestigious positions in the industry, the legal community, and the public sector. Our firm distinguishes itself not by its size, but by our passion for client service. We understand that clients have alternatives when it comes to legal services; which is why we work hard to separate ourselves from the rest each and every day in order to earn your business and referrals.


“At Persuasive Presentations Trial Technology, we understand that videotaped deposition testimony can easily be some of the most powerful tools in any arguments' arsenal when handled correctly, which is why we make it our purpose to handle depositions with expertise and finesse. We produce high-quality videos and work with you to play the right portions of the video at the right time in order to create the greatest impact.“


San Francisco | Los Angeles | London 

US +1 (415) 56-Court

UK +44 7940 312328

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